In Grazia again....sort of twice...

So, thankfully, my fashion mojo returns. Grazia finally prints one of my comments in the Style Hunter section. I am not a clueless hobo any more. I give good text-bites (like a sound bite, but....you get the idea).
But also, I am practically frothing at the mouth with combined excitement and fury. Last summer, when Grazia's roving Style Hunters travelled around the country looking for stylish ladies, I spent a full six hours roaming town looking for them. They, judging by the photos, never went to town but instead hung out in the boutiquey area where all the rich kids go. Go figure. After I'd put on my staple look for the summer - bright skirt, black tops, bare legs. Run, run from my paleness!
But fear not! In this week's 'Look of the Week', they have printed my outfit. Except it's modelled by Erin Lucas, of The City. I will photograph it later as I can't find the photo on the internet, but here is my outfit.
Erin wears EXACTLY THE SAME skirt as me.
(Sorry Grazia and Splash Images, couldn't find the photo on the internet)
I didn't wear those shoes around all day, I had some All Saints boots with me, but I was in TopShop with my photographer friend and he told me to try them on, and then buy them. But the leather jacket and black vest top, along with the long necklaces, are Erin to a tee. I'm clearly the height of cool.

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