'Life's confusing, Brian. Let's listen to my mix-tape!'

Clearly I'm missing something. I was always under the impression that when people say 'clogs' they mean these....
Weird, inoffensive, quaint. Often accompanied by plaits and strange hats.
But Alexa says 'bleeuugh' to my idea of clogs.
She's allowed, seemingly, because she's wearing the SS'10 revamp of clogs. They're Chanel, so she's allowed.
I am a tad confused by this one though. This season appears to be all about revamping dodgy trends from days gone by (combat trousers, seriously?) and while I'm VERY happy that Chanel has revamped the humble clog in such a way. But since the only similarity it seems to share with the old model is a wooden base (and BOATS share that, therefore a clog is closer to a canoe then the Chanel shoe) can they really be called clogs?
I am confused. Doesn't mean I don't want a pair, though.

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