Mark WTFast

I'm sorry. I know I am playing for the wrong team here. But I found this, and went WTF?
This is gorgeous plus-sized model Hayley Morley walking for amazing and talented Mark Fast at his AW'10 show for LFW (so...many...abbreviations). And she is beautiful. And he is talented.
But just LOOK at this dress. It's barely even a dress. There are lumps and bumps, there are bits where she pokes out where she shouldn't. And the bra-top, seemingly totally detached from the rest of the design, is just wrong. So wrong.
The show, by and *ahem* large, was a fantastic achievement, with plus-sized and model-sized girls trotting alongside eachother in beautiful designs. I love the soft yet bold colour palette of pinks, reds and oranges alongside soft greys and blues, and the combination of floating layers with his trademark tight knits.

But as a result, this bum note is even more of a disappointment. So near, and yet so far. It's not the fact that she's a larger girl, it's the fact that a designer with such a talent for making his girls look great allows one down the runway looking like she fell out of bed and put on the first thing she saw. Bad. Just bad.

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