Our Carey! The BAFTAS 2010

Hello again readers! Sorry to desert you for so long (yet compared to several bloggers I read *ahem*, two days is nothing). I come bearing glad tidings of a total British domination of the Oscars. For once, the right person won. 
 Our Carey, aka the lovely and talented Carey Mulligan, aka the BAFTA-winning Carey Mulligan, star of last year's brilliant British film An Education. Looking like the coolest gamine tablecloth ever made, she collected her well-deserved award in genuine shock, though not as much shock as James 'Big Blue' Cameron was in when his (out of his league) ex-wife's little film The Hurt Locker proceeded to take all the awards that Avatar had had earmarked from the start. I'm sure James will take them all across the pond, but it's a proud day for smaller bucks, and better taste. 
And it's extra-proud as Colin 'Darcy' Firth took the Best Actor award for A Single Man, which I very excited about as it stars the stylings of Tom Ford, the sexy Matthew Goode and the strangely awesome Nicholas Hoult (who, in my opinion as I voted for him, was robbed of the Rising Star Award by Kristen Stewart, though admittedly the fans of Twilight vastly outnumber the fans of Skins etc. Never mind, she still deserved it.)
Not entirely sure about this little number; she looked so cutting edge and fab on the New Moon circuit so this prom-dress affair is a bit of a let-down. But it's Chanel, I'm told, so it can't be all bad. Romola Garai, star of Atonement, was certainly channeling Chanel (see what I did there?) with her impressively large bun. (Hair, I mean, duh!)

White was the colour of choice among the youngsters, with Atonement's greatest feature Saoirse Ronan and Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright looking all cute n virginal.

Remember the post I did about Saoirse commenting how flawlessly styled she is at her age compared to Emma Watson? I rest my case. Though I think Bonnie looks better.

By and large the outfits far outstriped the Brits for glamour and class, and teach those music maestros how to do short yet not slut. Anna Kendrick, star of Up in the Air (and Twilight, I was totally surprised to see her there!) looking pretty in Pucci.
But when it comes to old school, all out glamour, I have to say I fell a bit more in love with Joely Richardson in this gorgeous navy number. 

All in all, I was a little bit thrilled with the whole thing. And these are only the first pictures emerging of the night! (Thanks to Liz Jones for getting them up so quickly!) I'll have more when I get them. Congrats to all the winners, see you at the Oscars!

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  1. Carey looked exquisite, although I am not sure whether that is due more to her dress, or her general gleaming beauty and bubbly personality.
    I had not seen Bonnie Wright, and think she looks better than usual, letting her amazing hair do the talking.
    Kristen Stewart flopped. Not only in her awkward acceptance speech but her dress choice too. Yes it is Chanel and yes we bow to the higher powers. The dress may look good on a long, leggy model such as Daria, but the affectionately named 'K-Stew' almost looks frumpy. In Chanel! How is this possible!? Maybe it's the hair...


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