Ready for Action

There's something in the air. And it's making me come over all optimistic and full of the joie de virve. It's almost like....SPRING!
I'm kidding. Until I am a grossly successful fashion editor wearing head-to-shin Mary Katrantzou and shin-to-toe Ann Demeulemeester, I will be no more full of the joie de vivre than I am full of Russian Standard, nicotine or steroids (at this moment in time, I can't predict the future). But I can feel a tad cheery that spring is on its way. Blue skies, nice new fluffy baby things, flowers, legitimately eating Easter eggs, and not having to wear gloves all the time.
And, a new spring wardrobe.
Ugh, spring wardrobes. The sodding high street continues to make me sick with the abundance of nicey-nicey floral prints (H&M) and cute little bunny prints and frothy lace (Topshop), but the public gets what the public wants, and who am I to demand special treatment from the high street leviathans?
Instead, I choose khaki.
Thank you, Balmain (and others, but I can't see past the floaty princess dresses and, quite frankly, mad creations by David Koma).
Combat Barbie is ready for action!

Thankfully, there is a small amount of khaki creeping around stealthily among the pastels, tiptoeing through the tulips, as it were. So I went in quest of it. Swag-post to follow.
I could get used to this.


  1. Oh i love a good highstreet bashing:) Topshop is the worst, cant stop myself from going in tho. You just have to think 'what would no1 else want to buy' in places like that now so you dont look like everyone else. You talking about Naima??? Loved her x

  2. Yeah Naima, she was amazing. My....fifth favourite winner :) the earlier series where the best.


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