Save Me

I was hoping to spend the quiet part of the afternoon at work drinking mochas until I buzz and reading the Vogue we subscribe to, but Vogue has done a runner. Seriously, no idea where it is. I think someone has picked it up by accident.
Anyway....I needed it today as I need style inspiration.
I'm doing the Pop! hip again.
I really can't help it, that's how I look. Maybe with the appearance of Mad Men in my life I will get over the fact that I had huge saddlebags and start buying high-waisted jeans. Or getting fat injected into me to give me a smoother finish. Hmmmm. I could break records for first woman for reverse thigh lipo. I could go on Channel Four.
This jumper is not my friend. It's a size 10, too loose on the top but too tight on the bottom, so immediately it put me off. It was in the Topshop sale and I loved it too much.
I did wear it out of the house and to work, against my better judgement and gut instinct, but I rolled it up and unzipped the zip (it doesn't actually hide anything, it's just a random zip sewn onto the sweater) to give a little bit more room for movement.
But beyond that, I don't think it can be salvaged. Shame.

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