SuperMassive Black Hole

Today, I fell back in. 
(I could have used the song titles 'Back to black' or 'Paint It Black', but I hate those songs, and I LOVE the Muse song after they used it in Twilight. Mmmmm vampire baseball.)
Ah, the deceptive harem pant. I bought these ones last year and they are not quite baggy enough in the crotch, so harder to wear than proper harems. I do want some proper, crotch-to-the-knee harems for the summer, but they probably aren't in fashion or won't be by then. Woe is me. 
But these are bloody hard to style when you a) aren't straight up and down and b) don't do skyscraper heels 24/7. I wore them here with my new Topshop heeled brogues, but faced with an afternoon of walking, and the rain, I switched to flat black ones. 
I ended up looking a bit Little Boy Blue/Oliver, Oliver! I think they will be better when it's slightly warmer when they can be worn with some strappy wedges and no tights and coat. 
It wasn't all bad and sad, though. 
Lookie! My bag arrived! It's bloody massive, I could fit a small child in there. Getting my purse for the bus was a sodding nightmare.

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  1. You're the queen of the superficial! (My favourite Muse song.)


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