They don't make 'em like they used to...

What IS it with the A-list? There seems to be some kind of weird fashion maths going on. 'Been in film=good dress sense', 'written a hit album=bad dress sense'. By and large (and yes I'm aware this may be a HUGE generalisation) the film stars get fashion, and the singers, well....don't.
Case in point, the Grammys. I've spent considerable time and effort trawling the internet looking for a picture of a well-dressed person at the Grammys.
This nice lady has managed to dress well (in fact, very well - I want this dress a little bit) but according to Wikipedia she (Lea Michele) is an actress and singer, so some kind of fashion maths is working here.
Having said that, Beyonce was in Dreamgirls which won Oscars, and she looked horrendous. But Jennifer Hudson looked good, so the balance is restored.

OH GOD, have just learned that Lea Michele is that annoying girl from Glee!!!! I HATE Glee. I subsequently pretend not to notice her head....even though she's quite pretty when she's not putting on that chipmunk voice....

Don't get me wrong, there are a few stars of the stage and MTV screen who can dress well (most of them are British, natch) but it's a sad day for fashion when I decide that Taylor Swift is among the best dressed of the Grammys.

Apart from Her Royal Madness, Lady Gaga of course.

PS According to Google it's Norman Rockwell's birthday, so Happy Birthday Norm!
PPS We are now over 2000 hits! Result! Granted probably some are mine from logging on to post....

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