'This, my friends, is FALSE ADVERTISING!'

I was WELL excited when I opened The Times' colour supplement this week and read the news of an upcoming collaboration between Erickson Beamon and Urban Outfitters. I mean, Erickson Beamon! As in Blair Waldorf's favourite jewellers! And Urban Outfitters! As in....where you go if you want to dress like Alexa and Florence on the not-as-cheap-as-you'd-expect. 
But any doubts I had were put to rest when I saw the accompanying picture.
Gorgeous isn't it? 
But, lo and behold, a bit of digging revealed it ISN'T ERICKSON BEAMON, but is in fact by a designer called Shourouk, whose pieces can be found on Urban Outfitters' website
Some Pictures Ed deserves a slapped wrist, methinks.
(I actually this necklace is far nicer than any of the actual collection. Sorry EB, I will continue to lust after your own brand beauties.)

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