Wardrobe Work in Progress

It's been a relatively productive Sunday, only slightly ruined by the continued deterioration of one of my pet rats (trust me, 'Derelicte' does not cover it) and by the fact that I still haven't got the guts to dispose of spiders by myself (seriously, it was biiiiiig). I tidied the other side of my wardrobe, and appear to have a lot fewer pairs of shoes than I thought. I also finally got around to putting up all the schweet cuttings I've been taking from Vogue and Elle the past few months.
Take that, plain white wardrobe doors. I have three more doors to cover, and this month's Vogue is pretty much going up page for page.

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  1. lol, this looks like my room, except every surface. Makes it look messy but that is my life lol. Thanks for the comment im so excited to actually c the mag as its in aus. didnt know i was in it they never told me



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