We were working secretly, for the military

Announcing my first foray into something that's not black...
See, the wardrobe had a mission too. 
Nice new khaki top. Yeah. 
Ok, maybe I overdid it with the slightly camp salute.
The shoes were more of an experiment after the epic 'wadrobe-clean-oh-look-I-forgot-I-had-those' session. It's way too bloody cold to wear anything like that. As it's going to get colder I'm probably going to have to start wearing thermals again. Sigh.
 They have the smallest heel in the world (not copyrighted, I'm slightly exaggerating) so it's a bit of a shock posing in them. 
Pink and khaki seem to go well together, so I have a shiny lipstick from Mac (Girl About Town, as sort-of recommended/worn by Delmy of Fashion Bananas), to match my shiny nail varnish from Barry M.
Yeah I am so effing badass. I am a total loser. 
Finally, check out my new badass piece of jewellery. Thank you Thomas Sabo's SS10 collection, and to my lovely buddies at the Bristol store.
G'night y'all.

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