Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall (and some awards)

Finally saw Alice in Wonderland, hadn't been that enthused by it but then spent a while in PC World watching lots of previews on lots of screens while my boyfriend talked...PC with some techie chap and I was hooked. It is awesome. I want white hair like Anne Hathaway to set off purple lips, and if I had the choice of returning to the real world, I wouldn't. Silly Alice.
Ah well.
Following on from my complaint yesterday about how unfairly we have been branded 'the nation with no style', I should have worn something a little more patriotic. My Beatles t-shirt, some artfully ripped jeans and messy hair. But no, I wore a striped top. How European.
Well, sort of. I do like this top though, with the two red hearts. Though finding a lippie to match was tough and lengthy.
I am also very proud of my two latest blogging awards from Tali.

I'm passing them on to The Outfit MakerPretty Neons, Alex Does Fashion, A Poetical Foray Into Fashion and Because I Love My Fashion. Keep up the good blogging ladies!


Don't blame the Europeans....

...who have apparently voted the British as the worst dressers in Europe. They have had to endure the stereotypical British holidaymakers generally hailing from this sort of stereotype....
Which has clearly erased from their tiny minds such sights as these....
Some of the best-dressed women in Europe, if not the world. Yes? The Europeans can't argue with that. And they're ALL BRITISH. 
So stick that up your Breton tops. We rock. End of.


74, 75....

How we love the 70s, the decade that gave us some truly incredible fashion choices. It was almost as 'significant' as the 90s for horrendously hilarious fashion offerings. 
Like these...
Oh it's almost criminal.
That's better.
But they were on to something with those flares - scaled down a little nowadays flared, or bootcut, trousers and jeans are still the most flattering style for all shapes and sizes.
I had a slummin' around day as I didn't plan on doing anything special, but put on a plain white shirt and some shoes for this. I love these jeans, they are my mum's from.....Asda, and they are super-flattering. Good ol' Asda. 
What? Oh, the shoes. Yes, I gave in.

ModelWatch - Coco Rocha

Ever since I vented about Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation (and the false hope it instilled in me, though maybe I could have chosen a different colour), I haven't been able to get the gorgeous face of the campaign out of my head - Mikhaila 'Coco' Rocha, a Canadian-born beauty who has taken the fashion world by storm, both with her gorgeous face and her willingness to speak out against the industry's obsession with size - following a ten-pound weight loss, she was told that she needed to lose more weight to conform with the 'anorexic' look that the season was all about. Apparently, though, they didn't want her to be anorexic, just look it. Hmmmmm. Wasn't aware that a terrible disorder was something that could be imitated.
Whatever came out of that discussion, Coco seems to have done pretty well for herself. With kooky appeal reminiscent of Agyness Deyn and a classic, flawless look reminiscent of a Grace or an Audrey, how could she not?

I do love brunette models; the blondes seem to get all the attention. I like to be on the edge. 
Incidentally, Coco reminds me of a model that I went to school with, Nell Nabarro. Would love to post some photos but the internet won't let me. BAD internet.

Alphabet Fashion Soup - V is for...Vera Wang

I haven't had good soup for ages. I much prefer Topshop strawberry laces - they are the best in the world. I've eaten one bag this afternoon and still going. Every time I go to London I stock up as my local Topshop decides they don't want to stock them any more. Epic lame. 
So one of things that came back from London with me was a bag containing ten bags of laces. Oh yes, ten. They taste like joy. As does M&S raspberry jelly. Eating that on the train home, on a sunny afternoon listening to The Who, pure joy. Tasty tasty joy. 
I like food. 
I also like Vera Wang, like most sane people do. The phenomenon that is Vera Wang, designer of everything from hard-edged ready-to-wear to beautiful wedding dresses as worn by Charlotte in Sex and the City. Did you know she was on the editorial team of Vogue before leaving after she was turned down as Editor? The September Issue would have been completely different with her as Editor over Nuclear Wintour. Fascinating; the fashion world might have changed forever. 
Instead, she launched her own label and delivered such beauties as these...
It reminds me a lot of Louis Vuitton AW '09, but obviously far more awesome because, well, she's a goddess. I love the contrast between the princess-like qualities of her bridal visions contrasted with all the black and dark shades here; you'd be hard pressed to find colour. But you'll find texture, draping, length variation. She makes black anything but dull.


Redhead Returns!

Heyyyyy blog fans! How I've missed you, it's been too long! I don't know what I'm going to do when I go away next week. Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 
I have just got back from a trip to London for an interview, a party and some general trotting around my favourite city. I do love the place, despite the fact that you come home covered in dirt, everyone is so pushy on the tubes and the buses and an Oyster card isn't as cheap as you might expect. But I still love it; I'm like Dick Whittington, desperate to escape to where the streets are paved with gold. Or rather chewed gum, old tube tickets and copies of the London Paper.
I did do a weeny bit of shopping while there; I've cracked under the pressure and allowed myself to purchase cosmetics. You remember that nail varnish that everyone's been raving about, Chanel's Particuliere?
Well obviously I wanted in on that, slave to fashion that I am. But it's also a really gorgeous flattering shade anyway. I was aware of this, because I've been admiring Nails Inc's Jermyn Street for ages. 
Pretty similar aren't they? Seems that lots of people have noticed this because it's almost as hard to get hold of the Nails Inc version as it is to get hold of the Chanel version. 
But not for me......hurrah!


Alphabet Fashion Soup - U is for...Undercover

Just a quick one; aware that there hasn't been any soup for a few days and I luuuurve soup. So no info tonight, just some very cool photos of a label called Undercover. I found them on Style.com, as per usual, and thought they were such a cool take on traditional catwalk shots I had to post them. 

Fire in the Twilight

Well, term has ended at the school what I works at, so I have two weeks of (supposedly) wearing whatever I like! Or rather one week, because I'm off to Devon for week which will entail lots of walks, ergo comfortable shoes and muddy jeans. Rock on. 
So today in celebration of the end of term I decided to dress like a college student and rock out to Karla Devito. 
I've been trying to find a decent version of this to post but I suppose since it's illegal to do so, this home-videoed copy is the best I can get. But even the quality does little to dim the true awesomeness of this scene. Enjoy!

I'm off to London for a few days so won't be able to post. See you guys Sunday! 
Oh, and look at the gorgeous things I've got to look forward to after Easter....
Almost 50% off in two-day sale. How I love pop-up sales. So I am hiding them away until next Sunday.....