74, 75....

How we love the 70s, the decade that gave us some truly incredible fashion choices. It was almost as 'significant' as the 90s for horrendously hilarious fashion offerings. 
Like these...
Oh it's almost criminal.
That's better.
But they were on to something with those flares - scaled down a little nowadays flared, or bootcut, trousers and jeans are still the most flattering style for all shapes and sizes.
I had a slummin' around day as I didn't plan on doing anything special, but put on a plain white shirt and some shoes for this. I love these jeans, they are my mum's from.....Asda, and they are super-flattering. Good ol' Asda. 
What? Oh, the shoes. Yes, I gave in.


  1. I'm always trying to get 1970s style Angel hair. So far, unsuccessful.

  2. Personally, I think the checked flares in the first pic are fantastic.


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