The airwaves are clean, and there's nobody singing to me now

Oh the irony. Or rather, hilarious coincidence. Because those are song lyrics! Oh snap! 
Today, as my first official day of being 'a boss' (no doubt, hellllll yeah), I decided to, in homage to one of my favourite campaigns, pull out a look that's truly 'boss'. 
Well, sort of boss.
In case you couldn't tell (and I admit, it's not the best interpretation, I ringed the campaign for you. I was going for safari colours and dramatic swinging layers.
Sort of. 
And that's the reason for the yellow tint to the photos. 
Oh, and in case you were interested, this is what I look like when I put my normal foundation routine on. I mix one part foundation to two parts facial moisturiser. It looks great until I get on my bike to work. By the time I got there my eye make-up was all over my face and I was a bit....shiny. Powder foundation is great as a result, but has all worn off by the end of the day whereas this lasts pretty well, fluctuating depending on my skin's flush at the time.

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