Alphabet Fashion Soup - H is for...House of Holland

Happy March, readers! (And lovely followers too, thankyou!) It's a good month so far; lovely sunny day, spring is in the air, coral lipstick and turquoise jewellery...maybe I'm jumping the gun. Ah well, got to make the most of these days as it'll probably be chucking it down by the end of the week.
So, I plough on with Alphabet Soup. Hope you guys are actually interested in it, if not it's a chance to show some lovely photos for ME to enjoy finding. Thank you to Style.com where the vast majority of my photographs for these features have come from.
So, today I'm going to bring you some bonkers delights from House of Holland, arguably the coolest British fashion house as it's headed by a guy with a Jedward quiff whose got a look like a naughty schoolboy and who's best mates with Agyness Deyn. Instant kudos.
Ah the Deyn. I do love the black hair she's got now but the blonde will always be the best. The original, the iconic. Like Marilyn's perm.
Anyway, back to the Holland. The biography on his website is written in the form of a poem (see? how cool is he? Answer: very) which mentions, among other things, his famous slogan t-shirts, done in big bold 80s-esque colour and block type, and launched in 2006, which instantly made his name. And Agyness obligingly modelled them. Which helped. They perfectly pitched to the Reebok-wearing hipster kids in all the big cities, included Holland's native Manchester, and the buzz instantly started.  Holland, a graduate of the London College of Printing with a degree in Fashion Journalism, had his first solo show at London Fashion Week in 2008, and appears to have gone from strength to strength, with everything big-name collaborations to requests to DJ at swanky Parisian parties keeping him busy. But he's always got that fabulous quiff, that cheeky grin, and that leggy best bud close by to act as arm candy or to open his show.
And what shows they've been. No question, Henry Holland has put the fun back into fashion. With 80s fluoro fused with the youthful nonchalance of labels like Marc Jacobs, House of Holland is a fabulous antidote to the high end sophistication that goes fabulously booted toe to toe with him in the catwalk schedules. It reminds us what fashion is all about; self-expression, confidence and most importantly, the love of experimentation. Keep experimenting, Henry; it's great fun to watch!
The one and only Deynster.
Yes, I know there's a photo of a bloke there, and it's been quite clear thus far that my blog is girls' fashion, but I had to post this as this particular bloke went to my school! And had quite a fanbase back then. I can see why....


  1. I love looking at his clothes. I don't think his style suits me in particular but they remind me of funny school days for some reasons!!

    Love Jojo xx

  2. I saw Henry Holland in the pret a manger in convent garden when I was working there last summer. I had to restrain myself from screaming in his face. No agyness though. I might rock out my lime green Holland fluoro tshirt....

  3. Henry Holland is brilliant! I'm also a big fan of Christopher Kane as another of the more modern designers. Also got to love Agyness- when she fell over twice at the Fashion Relief show she was hilarious!

  4. I desperately want on of his hairy purple coats.


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