Alphabet Fashion Soup - I is for...Issey Miyake

Hurrah! My plea on Facebook for hits has definitely worked. Maybe I could try and get to 3500 within the week. Maybe not....
Also thank you to my lovely followers, seem to be accumulating a fair few. Lovely people for following me :)
Anyway, back to the soup. 'I' was easy for me as I walked past the Issey Miyake store in Mayfair when I was in London and practically swooned, all Jane-Austen-maiden-style. Such beautiful prints, so fresh and light.
Mr Miyake himself is a Japanese designer who was born in Hiroshima and lived to tell the tale of the infamous bomb. He studied in Tokyo and after graduating  from the Tama Art University in the 60s he went on to work in New York and Paris, before returning to Tokyo in 1970 and founding his design studio. The Miyake brand is no longer designed by Miyake himself, who turned it over to his associate in the late 90s. He still, however, oversees all projects done under the Miyake name.
Enough of the shameless Wikipedia-thieving, now it's time to thieve from Style.com and Nymag.com for some lovely photos.
I LOVE this look from his SS '05 collection; the whole collection seems to sport these paint spatters. So fresh, would love to wear something like that to a job interview!

Mystique from X-Men meets Avatar. Meets that paint-splattered shoot from ANTM Cycle 12. But the less said about that the better.

This is what Lady Gaga would wear to a funeral.
Oooh look, it's the little girl from Don't Look Now getting a fashion-y makeover!
Love this look, I clearly need a long floaty waistcoat to wear with my floral trousers.
OMG. Or a bright blue waistcoat.
Maybe I could just cut the sleeves off my blue vintage jacket...

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