Alphabet Fashion Soup - J is for...Junya Watanabe

The weather goes back to March predictable (windy yet still bright, cue stupid hair). I go back to my reliable source of fashion inspiration, Sea of Shoes, to showcase a little from today's designer. She seems to love Japanese designers, and she has good taste.
Today's designer, like Miyake, studied in Tokyo (but was not around for Hiroshima). Junya Watanabe then went on to apprentice at (go on, guess)...Comme des Garcons in 1987, rising through the ranks to work under his own name in 1992,  before launching his own label as an affiliate of CdG in 1993.
Oh, and Michelle Obama wore one of his cardigans to a visit to the Royal Opera House when she and Barack came to London.
Just thought I'd drop that in there.
Anyway, Style.com has got a fantastic archive of his designs so I'll stop talking and you can admire his glory...
Well, it seems you can't beat the Japanese for making even the most unappealing material look like it came off Saville Row. I remain in awe of Watanabe's ability to tailor what looks like the sleeping bags we took on Cadet Camp.
And I also am in awe of the attention put into the models' headware! It's in danger of distracting from the clothes, but in fact helps us buy even more into the experience of June Watanabe, rather than just the garment. It's a look, in short.
I love this; you can see he worked for Comme des Garcons. But it's like what would happen if Britannia ever got really, really cool. And slightly Hellraiser-ish.
The Woman In Black - has anyone seen that play? It's terrifying, and this slightly Phantom-esque masked model is almost as scary. But there's nothing scary about the dress; give me a drop-waist any day. I should have been born in the 20s. Or in Japan, loaded.
And here, the final Junya Watanabe 'entity'; tall, statuesque, and draped like a Roman goddess. Except with a giant rolled sock on her head.

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