Alphabet Fashion Soup - M is for...Marios Schwab

Nothing like a nice warm bowl of soup to nourish you while you wait for your magazine subscriptions to arrive. No sign of work Vogue, no sign of home Grazia. Sad times.
So have a nice cosy look at some of the creations by Marios Schwab, a designer yet to have a Wikipedia page! But I gather from Vogue.co.uk he studied in Berlin before moving to London full-time, now producing highly tailored gowns that flatter the form in an almost architectural way, looking feminine yet strong at the same time. Interesting fact - like Joseph Altuzarra, he initially trained as a ballet dancer!
So sit back, wrap up in your Slanket, and enjoy the photos.
Almost medieval with the threading around the waist, like a corset.
This print is slightly trippy and makes your eyes go funny. I stared at a photo of Anna Paquin in this dress for too long and my eyes are all funny.
I love this one; dream workwear. Plus the model is beautiful.

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