Alphabet Fashion Soup - N is for...Noir

Ahhhhhh. Tasty, tasty soup.
Today's photo montage comes by means of Style.com and NYMag.com, and is themed around Victoriana, goth, androgyny and bondage.
Aka, Copenhagen-based fashion label Noir. A relatively new label, having only been showing for the past 4 years, but with a good heart, promoting fair trade in Uganda with acceptable wages. Isn't that a nice attitude?
However, the only attitude conveyed by their clothes is one of a badass babe, sort of Lisbeth Salander meets Jane Eyre with PMT.
See, even a beautifully simple, floaty silver dress can't be allowed to look sweet; toughened up with black gloves and the hardcore pout only Lily Cole can work.
Want. Now.
Love it all. Plenty of drama with one huge, swishing layer per outfit, a muted palette befitting of any Gothic heroine, yet plenty of feminity with beautifully fitting cuts.

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  1. ahhhh thanks hun!!! do you then have to nominate someone else? i dont know about these things, ive seen them around but didnt know what they were lol thank you:) xxx


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