Alphabet Fashion Soup - O is for...Oscar de la Renta

Back to the head honchos now. Name-dropped like mad in The Devil Wears Prada, de la Renta is to fashion what Shakespeare is to pinnacles of literature. And bored school children. 
De la Renta is a real veteran, born in 1932 in the Dominican Republic. He moved to Spain at the age of 18 to study art, then transferred his interest to fashion, sketching his way to an apprenticeship at Balenciaga before moving to Paris as a couture assistant at Lanvin. Despite the opportunity to work at Dior, he was advised by the then-Editor of American Vogue to take up an offer at Elizabeth Arden, where he remained until, in 1965, he finally set up his own label. 
Clearly, de la Renta has a proud and lengthy heritage and archive, so I can't hope to take you through a chronology of his creations. I've raided Style.com for some photos of his most recent collections, because, well, they're amazing. I know it's lame, and I could try harder, but the man is a master, his latest work is beautiful and his fearlessness doesn't change. He has earned the right to do any cut, any fabric, any colour, and while he takes full advantage of this fact, he does so with a craftsmanship that comes from a true master. 
In short, I'm in awe.
Just look at it. It's flawless. These models have been turned into real women; gorgeous, confident, elegant and proud. In short, de la Renta's clothes make every woman feel as a woman should.
I thought I'd end with my favourite models, Freja and Agyness. Learned from Vogue that Aggy is playing Aphrodite in the upcoming Clash of the Titans film - excellent piece of casting!

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