Alphabet Fashion Soup - P is for...Proenza Schouler

I am obsessed with this dress. 
I imagine it would be impossible to be unhappy wearing this dress. Unless you are Kristen Stewart, because she doesn't do happy. 
The dress formed part of the SS10 collection by Proenza Schouler, a label founded in 2002 by Lazaro Hernadez and Jack McCulloch. The label's name came from the pairs' mothers' maiden names. Because Hernadez McCulloch doesn't roll off the tongue in quite the same way. The pair have work with Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors behind them, which must have helped imbue their designs with the youthful spirit it brings to conventional prints, cuts and fabrics. The clothes are hip, cool and full of fun while being highly desirable for any woman. Or any woman with sense.
The white outfit is clearly Lady Gaga's next 'casual' day suit. 
You can imagine a chicer Helena Bonham-Carter wearing this. Or Lily Cole. 

The summer clothes look like hip designer graffiti cut into beautiful clothes, and the winter wear is slightly Burton-esque gothic, with subtly clashing shades, shapes and fabrics. 
Blah blah. Keep Patterz the Tramp, Kristen, I just want your dress.


  1. Every time I see that first dress, I think it's a McQueen.

  2. Best film Kristen Stewart did last year was Adventureland. And she did more than blink and pout. Plus none of the Twiglit kids will have seen it.

  3. True. I wanted to see that but all my friends are laaaaaame.


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