Alphabet Fashion Soup - Q is for...(Alexander Mc)Queen

I KNOW! But believe me, I have trawled the net and can't think of a designer beginning with Q. Even Style.com can't.
But this works out quite well, as I wanted to post pictures of the final fashion show of McQueen as we know it; his AW'10 collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week.
About as different to his last collection, which took us deep underwater and far into the future to a cyber-Atlantis, this collection took us back in time, with the brocades and rich colours bringing to mind gowns of Imperial Russia, or Medieval Western Europe. From a jump light-years ahead to back to the glory days of well-known yore, McQueen's last collection seems a fitting tribute to his own tragic death and circumstances; a designer ahead of his time, having reached the verge of greatness, with the world at his feet and a bright future, yet always haunted and drawn to the sombre yet wonderful times in his past.
So, again, RIP Alexander McQueen. This is a perfect final bow for such a figure and such a story; beautiful, yet sad.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.


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  2. Mary Quant? Inventor of the mini-skirt. Though, granted she's not got a SS10 collection or anything...


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