Alphabet Fashion Soup (re-heated) - L is for...Lanvin

I know I missed a day (was busy with the Oscar-fest) so today I won't waste any more time with random Wiki-lifts about Lanvin's awesomeness and just get down to some PHOTOS - I was drooling all over my keyboard when I saw the diminutive Alber Elbaz's Lanvin Fall 2010 collection on Style.com. Topshop Unique had a whole 'Peter and the Wolf/Fantastic Mr Fox' abundance of headdresses and fur going on, but Lanvin is how I want to wear it.
Get the feeling she's about to take off, or swoop down and steal your handbag. Or your pet mouse.
Her necklace reminds me of the alethiometer in Northern Lights.
Christ she looks bloody scary. Maybe someone stole her dinner.
Chewbacca arms! Love!
Hardcore Pocahontas.
Hedwig in fashion form.
I am going just a little bit nuts about how freakin' amazing this collection is. To see more, click here.

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