Alphabet Fashion Soup - S is for...Sophia Kokosalaki

We're creeping soooooo close to 200 posts people! I am very excited, considering over two thirds of this blog's posts have been in the past year, or to put it another way, the past three months. So I will have to think of something special for 200 posts. Maybe a make-up post...
Enjoyed the day's sun by trundling around on my bike, so no nice outfit post today. But I did have time for a portion of soup. Today is a first; I didn't have a designer in mind (as I don't know many designers beginning with S and if I have to see another Sonia Rykel pour H&M blog post I'll scream), so I went to Style.com and picked the first one that I really liked. 
Today is also a first as I am featuring a Greek designer called Sophia Kokosalaki, who studied and is now based in London. She was picked to design the ceremonial outfits for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She has worked for French label Vionnet (as in, the one Carey Mulligan wore to the BAFTAS), has won the Elle Designer Award in 2002 and the New Generation Designer Award in 2004. Basically, she's the coolest fashion asset to come out of Greece since Meg in Hercules. I loved her hair. 
I love it all because it maintains the dressing up quality that I loved as a child (especially the burnt orange drape dress with the tie belt) yet ties in with so many key trends and great looks; with urban dressing (the shirt and shorts ensembles); sequinned short dresses (doesn't the penultimate one remind you a bit of Christopher Kane for Topshop's crocodile dress?) and gothic sheer. But despite so many varied designs the whole thing is seamless. Plus I love the shoes.

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