Alphabet Fashion Soup - V is for...Vera Wang

I haven't had good soup for ages. I much prefer Topshop strawberry laces - they are the best in the world. I've eaten one bag this afternoon and still going. Every time I go to London I stock up as my local Topshop decides they don't want to stock them any more. Epic lame. 
So one of things that came back from London with me was a bag containing ten bags of laces. Oh yes, ten. They taste like joy. As does M&S raspberry jelly. Eating that on the train home, on a sunny afternoon listening to The Who, pure joy. Tasty tasty joy. 
I like food. 
I also like Vera Wang, like most sane people do. The phenomenon that is Vera Wang, designer of everything from hard-edged ready-to-wear to beautiful wedding dresses as worn by Charlotte in Sex and the City. Did you know she was on the editorial team of Vogue before leaving after she was turned down as Editor? The September Issue would have been completely different with her as Editor over Nuclear Wintour. Fascinating; the fashion world might have changed forever. 
Instead, she launched her own label and delivered such beauties as these...
It reminds me a lot of Louis Vuitton AW '09, but obviously far more awesome because, well, she's a goddess. I love the contrast between the princess-like qualities of her bridal visions contrasted with all the black and dark shades here; you'd be hard pressed to find colour. But you'll find texture, draping, length variation. She makes black anything but dull.

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