America's Next Top Model Time!

Oh yes, I am excited. The 14th, yes, 14th cycle of ANTM is airing in America, so to Youtube I go!
Just had to get in there early and post some pics of my favourite girls.
Don't ask about the dodgy superhero skintight thing. But this is Naduah; got a Natalie Portman shaved head going on, and a flawless face. Love.
This is Gabrielle. Naduah is definitely my favourite so far by Gabrielle gets a feature because in casting the girls were asked to pick a model to pose like for their photo and she picked......FREJA! And all the other girls were like 'who is that?' Buncha fools. So Gabrielle rules for being on the pulse. And because she has amazing, Baby-Houseman-hair.
Will post more photos as I am awestruck by them.
UPDATE - Gabrielle is gone, which is one of the worst calls in Top Model history, especially when you see the spastically awful picture hers was up against. Damn you Andre....
And according to some twat spoilsport on Youtube, who messaged me this spoiler PERSONALLY, Nadua goes soon too! Life sucks.

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