Consider the sand, each grain is a person

I am working my way through The OC once again; such good times. Terrible hair (Ryan), terrible tan (Summer Season 1), terrible neuroses (Seth), terrible taste in men/women (Marissa, with the notable exception of Ryan). 
In the time spent not watching The OC I managed to go into town to see a friend that I haven't seen in four years! Hurrah for friends! I also swung by Bobbi Brown and Chanel . Thanks to Charlie Jade for her advice on foundations, excellent call! I am allowing a purchase of make-up into my Lenten fast, as yesterday was payday. Finally I have a foundation that makes me look normal!
Oh, and I wore this.
I have an almost morbid and very irrational fear of dresses, as I find transitional dress-wearing for 22-year-olds very tricky. You either look like a teen/student, or you look too old. It's a tough call. But despite my neuroses I managed to leave the house. I ended up wearing flat black brogues so save my feet, and a beanie because beanies are useful in the rain, and are also a good security blanket. If it was sunny, I wouldn't have worn one. 
Useful dress, this. It's All Saints; I have it in black too and it's very easy to just throw on in the summer. With flesh-coloured underwear ONLY. I have nine All Saints dresses, but I only paid full price for three. Like I can afford nine full price All Saints dresses!
I also bought some redder hair dye, so will go back (yet again) to being a proper redhead. I keep trying to 'fade' back to ginger, then back to strawberry blonde, which is my natural shade, but people always seem forlorn that it's not red any more. So back I go! Next week, after my haircut.

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