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Bored with doing outfit post after inconsequential outfit post, I thought I'd treat you all to some...well you can see what. These people, along with all the fabulous ones listed down the side of my blog, are people who I consider to be generally awesome and thus deserve some blog-time. 

We've got Adam Ant, who would go hand in hand with Alex from A Clockwork Orange, as he did in an earlier post I did in response to the continual showing of Glee on E4 and VIVA. Ugh die Glee. Anyway, I love the 80s. I am a child of it; the total all-out madness, the dress-up, Peter-Pan, cowboys-and-indians adventure of the whole thing. Boys dressed like girls and girls dressed like boys, and everybody looked so freaking cool.

Like Joan Jett, who I have only recently got properly into thanks to the good ol' viral Youtube trailer, but who deserves the space for being a girl who rocks in the name of all other girls who rock. Seriously, this will be my next haircut, maybe when I'm 25. Quarter-life-crisis hair, so that it doesn't become a crisis. 
Plus I love her flawless make-up in this picture. Every time I try and do eye make-up like that, it runs and I look like a stoner. Which is not cool in my book. 
Here's another cool kid who has spent most of her time in the public eye stoned, in tv show Skins. This is Lily Loveless, otherwise known as 'the beautiful idealist, Naomi', who spent most the third series plodding around in sneakers with a bag covered in badges, looking all revolutionary and hardcore. She came from a mad hippy-parenting background, and that kind of rubbed off on her love of recycling and justice. The actress herself is pretty bloody gorgeous and has amazing hair. 

And straight on to another platinum blonde actress with a penchant for bad behaviour. I'm glad I found this photo of Taylor Momsen/Jenny Humphrey not pouting, crying or looking surly. I love how hopeful she looks, how full of future excitement, aspiration and opportunity yet still nervous like a child. 
I also love the sleeveless shirt dress and blue beanie, and how many style transitions Jenny goes through yet still owns each one. I also also love her tiny doll-like frame and would love to have it, though I would also love to have a super-fast metabolism.
She, like Joan, has an incredible ability to put on flawless eye make-up, and foundation, and lipstick in the more recent episodes. I sort of look to her for inspiration for bright, pink lips, except she has the white Hollywood smile too. I gotta get me some of that magical Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste.

Or I could just step out with some good old British insolence/who the hell cares. Couldn't not post a picture of the Deyn, who wears whatever the hell she feels like and still looks awesome. She above all epitomises the dress-up attitude of her birth decade. Most models just play dress-up on the catwalk; she plays dress-up all the time, having fun with everything from 50s prom dresses to Doc Martens and drainpipe jeans, to match her boyfriend du jour. The Deyn has had her fair share of flak from those who are still obsessed with last season's cute alternative weirdo (though Kate is not cute), but it's not like the fashion industry deal any of the flak. And when you're a shit-hot model, that's all that matters.

Her expression in this campaign leads me nicely on to this gorgeous photo of the strange entity that is Selma Blair. She has managed to go through her career (thus far) having made a relatively small number of films, and her roles have ranged from prissy naive teen to angsty pyrotechnically disadvantaged superheroine. Everyone will remember her for her infamous kiss with Sarah Michelle-Gellar (at the least the site that I got this photo from did, banging on and on about her 'dykey' hair in this photo. Jackass) but since then she seems to have become some sort of fashion muse with designers fighting to dress her. Why the heck wouldn't they? She's cute, gamine and alternative, like Kristen Stewart without the Twilight baggage or Audrey Tautou without the, well, being French. 

And just to show that wasn't an insult at all, here's Audrey, looking fabulous as always. If I had PJs like this I'd smoke in them too.
Audrey is another make-up inspiration for allowing her cute features to do the talking, with only a little cosmetic assistance to highlight and emphasise.

The second-best thing to come out of France is this cover featuring Lily Cole, the second best thing to come out of England (after the Deyn). It's so Japanese giggling naughty schoolgirl, every sweating older man's (hell, every man's and several womens') dream, and I defy every woman to not admit that if they had her body, they'd bally well get naked and hug a teddy bear. Her credentials have soured since The Imaginarium, changing her from cute model with a brain to indie-mad beauty who has found her niche in off the wall projects. Like this one. Long may you reign Lily!

And finally tonight (and yes I know it's big-headed to include a picture of myself under this post title), a picture of me, with my new redder hair, some amazing pink lipstick from Lancome, and my best Alex from A Clockwork Orange face. 
A glass of milk before bed.

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