Double double Oscars-fest, heavy on the special sauce

Ahahahaha. I was watching The OC earlier and that line appeared. With 'cheesburger' in the place of 'Oscars-fest', obviously.
So, more dresses! Just a mish-mash here of some of the most beautifully attired leading ladies. And hey, let's find some men too!
Cute yet sexy, just like her dress - Natalie Portman looks effortlessly starry in Rodarte.
She may not have an Oscar but she sure looks statuesque - Anne Hathaway shines in Armani Prive, a label she loves and, if she got hold of it in time, could be wearing again tomorrow night. A magazine editor sitting on the front row of the latest Armani Prive show overheard Anne excitedly whispering requests to her assistant.
Jessica Alba, looking somewhat sheepish, looks youthful yet elegant in this origami-neckline number. Fold us a swan, Jessica!
This is Gayle King, best mate of Oprah. I say whoever she is, she looks amazing.
IN LOVE with this Quality Street-purple number Miss Biel. Just next time leave the weird belt at home.
I remember the girl who did the Oscars Best Dressed for my student newspaper going nuts over Amy Adam's dress at the 2008 Oscars. You can see why. A-mazing.
Anne again, in a sublimely gorgeous dress, again, looking gorgeous, again. Like a Greek goddess.
Ooooh, couples! A frightfully smug-looking Heidi Klum, in a beautiful dress, with her doting husband. Damn her.
Possibly the cutest Oscar couple ever; they have a sweet baby together, she looks out-of-this-world amazing in a yellow gown with red lips and pale pale skin....why Heath, why? You had it all to play for. Sob.
And a slightly weird ensemble by Mr and Mrs Daniel Day-Lewis. True, he's a super-talented actor who's earned the right to wear whatever he wants, but why wear dodgy brown shoes and a brown-finished suit when you have all the tailors of Tinseltown at your disposal? Oh right yes, because you're AWESOME.

Another man to mix brown with black, but slightly more successfully; a nonchalantly sexy Johnny Depp can also get away with anything.
Here's Sean Penn, inventing the 'harem tux'.
Here's Tommy 'Winston Churchill' Lee Jones, who was clearly in a rush. Needs an iron, needs the buttons adjusting....needs a bigger size, really.
Christopher Walken, with his 'mad old tramp' hair, scrubbing up well nonetheless.
Viggo Mortensen makes the extra hair work for him by coming as a dapper Victorian funeral attendee. We love him.
Another cute Oscar couple; and it's quite clear who's the diva in this relationship. Good old Elton for breaking with convention and bringing the bling.
A slightly awkward looking Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffud. Her strap's falling down, he's undone his top button. Clearly didn't bank on the insulating power of a VELVET SUIT. Yes, velvet. What a hero.
Morgan Freeman was obviously so sure that he would win he chose a scarf to match his statuette. Smooth.
Everyone's favourite teenage crush (wayyyy before Patterz and Zacfron polluted our childrens' minds) scrubs up beautifully and keeps it classic. Nice work Leo.
And finally, a chap who needs to climb back onto the table (Dead Poets Society reference, natch) and straighten his tie, comb his hair and get that 'rabbit in the headlights' look off his face before returning to the red carpet. But I guess Ethan Hawke's eternal teenage gawkiness is part of his charm.

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