Fire in the Twilight

Well, term has ended at the school what I works at, so I have two weeks of (supposedly) wearing whatever I like! Or rather one week, because I'm off to Devon for week which will entail lots of walks, ergo comfortable shoes and muddy jeans. Rock on. 
So today in celebration of the end of term I decided to dress like a college student and rock out to Karla Devito. 
I've been trying to find a decent version of this to post but I suppose since it's illegal to do so, this home-videoed copy is the best I can get. But even the quality does little to dim the true awesomeness of this scene. Enjoy!

I'm off to London for a few days so won't be able to post. See you guys Sunday! 
Oh, and look at the gorgeous things I've got to look forward to after Easter....
Almost 50% off in two-day sale. How I love pop-up sales. So I am hiding them away until next Sunday.....


  1. where was the 2 day sale?!

  2. House of Fraser, two-day 20% off event. Right place, right time.


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