Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall (and some awards)

Finally saw Alice in Wonderland, hadn't been that enthused by it but then spent a while in PC World watching lots of previews on lots of screens while my boyfriend talked...PC with some techie chap and I was hooked. It is awesome. I want white hair like Anne Hathaway to set off purple lips, and if I had the choice of returning to the real world, I wouldn't. Silly Alice.
Ah well.
Following on from my complaint yesterday about how unfairly we have been branded 'the nation with no style', I should have worn something a little more patriotic. My Beatles t-shirt, some artfully ripped jeans and messy hair. But no, I wore a striped top. How European.
Well, sort of. I do like this top though, with the two red hearts. Though finding a lippie to match was tough and lengthy.
I am also very proud of my two latest blogging awards from Tali.

I'm passing them on to The Outfit MakerPretty Neons, Alex Does Fashion, A Poetical Foray Into Fashion and Because I Love My Fashion. Keep up the good blogging ladies!


  1. omg Fierce outfit! :D awww such a sweetheart! :D thanks for the award :) <3 :)

  2. Once again thank you sooo much <3 chk out my acceptance speech and red carpet outfit :) :D hahah http://theoutfitmaker.blogspot.com/2010/04/blogging-award.html

  3. Yay! Thanks for the award chica!



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