I don't want a lover

I have such a dull colour palette, I've noticed, compared to all the other cute little bloggers I read. Is it a dull palette, or do I have a killer refined style? Your choice.
Anyway, here's some choice shots of today's outfit. Spring was definitely in the air, sunny and warm, so I cracked out the aviators, listened to the music from Top Gun and...got some funny looks.
Hell. Freaking. Yes. 
I love this photo and the fact that I appear to only have one foot. It is bloody sunny. I could tan in my room. I was sitting on our front patio listening to the music from True Romance. I listened to the track 'You'Re So Cool' on repeat while I was revising for finals. It makes me think of uni, the friends I made and how I seem to have lost them. I feel like I'm a dead thing with only memories. 
Maybe I've been reading too much Sophie Kinsella. 
Anywayyyyyyy, enough moping. 
Get a glimpse of those shoes. Grazia did a feature a million years ago about shoes like that, finally they arrive in stores.
They need a little wearing in, but all the best shoes do. They rock.
Oh, and needed a magazine to read at lunch so bought Company, had a good interview with the Sugababes and loads of features about grossly successful bloggers. Ugh. But they did have a killer picture of Amelle. 
Isn't she so freaking beautiful?


  1. Amelle is gorgeous! I love your shoes, blazer, and the aviators. It does appear that you only have one foot in that picture...lol. Awesome blog!


  2. Man oh man, do I love your jeans. And thanks for the insightful comments, you make such a great reader :) I'm going to be a regular here now, bitch ;)

  3. Love the new shoes! They look great on you!

  4. She is beyond stunning. And those shoes are killer!


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