If RedHead actually DID the Oscars....

....if, right out of the blue, a helicopter bearing Ryan Seacrest landed on my roof and summoned me to the Oscars right now, I would first try to exorcise him, and then I'd wear this.
Yes, it needs fitting. Yes, it's not the most flattering thing I could wear. But it's vintage, bright orange which I LOVE, and has a defined waist, peplum effect to minimise my hips and emphasise my waist, and hides my arms which I hate. So if I had a little time to fit it better, access to some Kirkwoods and James Brown to volumise my hair, I'd be happy enough.
Plus, the label in the dress says 'Accolade', which I think is pretty fitting!
I've just been watching Stardust, and I'm a little bit in love with Claire Danes' blue dress....
So in real life I would request this. And her hair. Ooh, and her fiancee. He's quite nice.

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