It's Oscars Night!

Oh yes! The day is upon us! In just a few short hours yours truly will be bringing you all the fun of the red carpet. Pictures and snide comments galore! 

I'm basically going to be continuously updating one post, with pictures, gossip and quotes as soon as I can get them. After the red carpet I'll probably be heading to bed as I have work in the AM, but I'll leave you in the capable hands of I-Flicks Ivan for all the dish on the ceremony itself. 

So check back here at 11pm! I'll be in front of my big TV, with a HUGE pile of popcorn and my fashion head screwed well on, waiting for the gorgeousness to appear. Who will look the best? Who will look the worse? Will Tilda Swinton wear a tux? Will Taylor Lautner get his shirt off? We'll find out soon...

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  1. Hey hun,

    Just popped by to say congrats, I'm passing on the sunshine award to you. Check out my blog for more details...

    Love Jojo xxx


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