Let's twist again, like we did last summer

I remember dancing to that song in this amazingly gross underground club in Birmingham the night my final exams, and uni (I guess), finished. What with the influx of Facebook statuses on the subject as people get their exam timetables through I thought the song was fitting. Plus Mad Men uses it for the opening sequence of Series 2. So. epic. 
So yeah, today I twisted. First up came this - nice and simple monochrome ensemble, twisted up with a big brown belt. I love this belt; my mum gave it to me. Plus it's just the right size for nipping me in at the waist perfectly. Sitting down and slouching is not an option. 
Then later, I got a bit cold so I changed the top and added a nice cardigan. 
It's actually navy blue, but the flash photography made me look particulary retarded this evening so it's not immediateky obvious.
V-neck tops are better for me. I should get more. 
Though apparently rollnecks are a micro-trend for AW10. Hilarious. Something practical and sensible that most normal women wear to keep warm is classified as a 'micro-trend'. I imagine socks are in too.


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