ModelWatch - Coco Rocha

Ever since I vented about Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation (and the false hope it instilled in me, though maybe I could have chosen a different colour), I haven't been able to get the gorgeous face of the campaign out of my head - Mikhaila 'Coco' Rocha, a Canadian-born beauty who has taken the fashion world by storm, both with her gorgeous face and her willingness to speak out against the industry's obsession with size - following a ten-pound weight loss, she was told that she needed to lose more weight to conform with the 'anorexic' look that the season was all about. Apparently, though, they didn't want her to be anorexic, just look it. Hmmmmm. Wasn't aware that a terrible disorder was something that could be imitated.
Whatever came out of that discussion, Coco seems to have done pretty well for herself. With kooky appeal reminiscent of Agyness Deyn and a classic, flawless look reminiscent of a Grace or an Audrey, how could she not?

I do love brunette models; the blondes seem to get all the attention. I like to be on the edge. 
Incidentally, Coco reminds me of a model that I went to school with, Nell Nabarro. Would love to post some photos but the internet won't let me. BAD internet.


  1. I love Coca Rocha shes beautiful! and shes Canadian! woot woot! omg im a brunette and i hate it! i wish i was born a redhead! its soo unique!

  2. yoyo you ok? im so crap with my blog awards i havent even put mine up yet! but when i do i have two coming your way!



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