RedHead and the Hunt for the Perfect Foundation

Warning - this post features me with no make-up. It's not pretty.
I have seen several adverts for the new Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation, all featuring fresh-face models looking beautiful and natural. And most importantly, truly English rose-like. I had high hopes for the foundation matching my pale, pink-tinged skintone perfectly. 
It all started going wrong when I saw Rimmel's palest shade in this foundation was their customary 'Ivory', with a couple of variations on what is essentially a muted ochre. So far, so not good. But being optimistic, I took my sample, buoyed by hopes from Coco Rocha in the campaign, looking ethereal and flawless. 
This is what she looks like. 
See the nice natural-looking freshness?
And this is what I looked like.
Seriously, WTF? I look like I've been painted. Note the sexy comparative stripe by my ear and the contrast above and below my eyeline in the first picture. The first photo is what I look like with this flawless, matching foundation on in the caked effect that I imagine the models have. The second is my normal skin tone (patchy because it's sensitive and I'd just removed the offending slap) with the make-up remover pad for the Rimmel stuff. 
I do love Rimmel dearly, and will continue to buy their palest powder foundation because it's brilliant; like MAC Studio Fix but cheap. But seriously, why is it so hard for cosmetics companies to make liquid foundations and bases for women with skin as pale as mine? Even MAC can't do it. Chanel, who love that Parisian porcelain look, can't do it. Can someone do it? Please, tell me! 
In the mean time I'll just be mixing this foundation with moisturiser, like I always do.


  1. HAHAA! Awhhhh, how disappointing! I'm sure you'll find your perfect shade for you beautiful skin tone! :)


  2. Gosh, I have the same problem. They're all so awful they leave my skin looking oddly orange. *shudder*

  3. I get fobbed off with tinted moisturiser. But it was reassuring whne the Clinique lady pointed out I I shouldn't bother with foundation (I wonder if that's why make-up counter people never bother me...)

  4. Jo, try Bobbi Brown in porcelain- either their Skin Foundation with SPF or the new Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation which has more of a matt finish. They are DREAMY.And perfect for those of us with non permatanned skin!!

  5. Thanks Charlie, will do so and report!

  6. Sigh.
    I have this issue also, I'm white as Casper the ghost and its rubbish. I've found a great Rimmel cover stick that suits my skin type, so I just stick to that.
    I bloody hate all those stupid air brushed make-up adds...they lie damn it!
    peace & bows...

  7. What about Nicola from Girls Aloud's make up range? She's all about the palefaces.


  8. Yeah, I'm hoping that appears in shops as I do like a tiny amount of 'try before you buy'.


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