Redhead Returns!

Heyyyyy blog fans! How I've missed you, it's been too long! I don't know what I'm going to do when I go away next week. Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 
I have just got back from a trip to London for an interview, a party and some general trotting around my favourite city. I do love the place, despite the fact that you come home covered in dirt, everyone is so pushy on the tubes and the buses and an Oyster card isn't as cheap as you might expect. But I still love it; I'm like Dick Whittington, desperate to escape to where the streets are paved with gold. Or rather chewed gum, old tube tickets and copies of the London Paper.
I did do a weeny bit of shopping while there; I've cracked under the pressure and allowed myself to purchase cosmetics. You remember that nail varnish that everyone's been raving about, Chanel's Particuliere?
Well obviously I wanted in on that, slave to fashion that I am. But it's also a really gorgeous flattering shade anyway. I was aware of this, because I've been admiring Nails Inc's Jermyn Street for ages. 
Pretty similar aren't they? Seems that lots of people have noticed this because it's almost as hard to get hold of the Nails Inc version as it is to get hold of the Chanel version. 
But not for me......hurrah!

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  1. OMG that exact shade of Chanel is EVERYWHERE. Definitely a trend for spring!


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