RedHead's Busy Day

Sorry I abandoned  you for a day, blog fans. I assure you it was not because of loads of deadlines/essays/lit reviews/insert cliched excuse here, it was because I was in London for an interview. Fingers crossed. 
Afterwards I felt a bit weird about the way the thing had gone so I broke my Lenten fast and went shopping. Ah it feels good to have a pile of swag again. 
Nearrrrly bought a pack of those Chanel transfers but decided against it, I'll let the cool kids do that. Instead, I am fully kitted out in khaki and green. Including boots. Remember those River Island Chloe-a-like boots? Sold out. Everywhere. The website still has all the sizes in the brown but not all in the green. In short, gold dust. But who found them in Urban Outfitters? Sneaky suppliers. They are absolutely identical. Only UO charge a tenner more for them. So worth it. 
Was also happy to struggle home and collapse in front of Gossip Girl. Plus points about tonight's episode - Jenny's fashion (as always), the fact that Vanessa wasn't in it (I get sick of seeing her self-righteous little face). 
We love you little J. Now get your sewing machine back.
Minus points about it - Chuck is getting less sexy the more he becomes human and caring, Serena's fashion sense is soon going to prompt me to re-award the Megan Fox (from the Oscars Fashion Awards) to her, Blair mistakenly saying clogs never made an impact (though I blame the scriptwriters really, lack of foresight!), and Rufus and Lily are starting to piss me off with their petty squabbles and inability to actually trust each other and function like a normal couple. Oh, wait.....
So check back tomorrow for more of the usual; fashion, my mad attempts at looking all military chic, and some more catwalk....catnip? 
Oh, and finally, another thing I bought today was Lancome's sensitive eye make-up remover. Cannot. Recommend. It. Enough.

I know I am probably the last person to say this (as you all know, I love my wintry fashion) but.....c'mon, it's March! Enough with the Siberian temperatures! I'm not after a heatwave (I'd rather have the cold), just a couple of degrees more. I get awful old lady hands in the cold.


  1. Little J always looks FAB x

  2. Love it!

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