She'll get a hold on you, believe me

Today I went upside down (inside out? No, not today). Normally I do dark or muted trousers with a coloured top. 
Not today, Zurg!
I wanted some khaki trousers, having got rid of my super-budget skinny khaki trousers many a year ago. And since cargo pants are reserved for the under 15s, the army, and girls with stick legs on runways, I had to go back to fail-safe straight leg. On the cheap. Good old M&S.
For once I didn't have to darken this photo to make it look cool. 11am is a good time to take photos.

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  1. OK I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve your blog why? Because you have The Breakfast Club's Molly on here!That's like one of my fave,fave films ever, I've had to stop myslef from doing another post on The Breakfast Club...this blogo is going on my read list thingymebob for sure

    P.S...I read your comment on the Spice Girls...'tis not sad-have no shame hehe ;)
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons x


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