Step by step, heart to heart

I am obsessed with that song. You know the one; Eminem samples it in Like Toy Soldiers. The original just reeks of wicked 80s-ness.

Slightly freaky with the dancing children. But hey-ho. 
Anyway, that is not all I had to show you. May I present Exhibit A: a 'happy red'. (Not like a Scorsese red. Cringe)

Ah yes, the happy redhead. Raving in joy at her paradoxical new shoes; on trend and comfortable. I is one very happy camper. 
The Kinks, who were playing on the radio when I was raving, had stopped at this point. I was calm, cool and ready for battle in my squidgy comfy boots, khaki shirt and nice simple black jeans, which according to a woman I met the other day are sooooo circa 1982 because they have studs on the pockets. Cool.

Yay! Basically, I'm a bit loopy.
Oh, and in other news, RedHeadFashionista is now taking Facebook by storm, on the advice of her dear Oscars buddy Threesaparty. See the bottom of the page to become a Facebook fan! And thanks to my lovely readers and followers for pushing me past 4000 hits. 
Oh, and finally, before bed, I hope you like the slightly adjusted layout! I'm trying it so that I can fit wider pictures and videos.


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