Thank you Tavi....and thank you JoJo

...for enligtening me to the true glory of Carey Mulligan's Oscar dress.
Look! Tiny knives! Tiny forks! Tiny pairs of scissors!
Carey, I am sorry I ever doubted your awesomeness.
You are clearly superawesome, and you are on the cover of Grazia so I am not the only one.
Though my subscription is late again, uncool.

Also, thank you to Jojo (of Jo's Clothes) for passing on The Sunshine Award to me. I feel honoured to be considered so highly by a fellow and great blogger!
Right, guess I should spread the love.
A Handful of Dust - a friend from uni who loves fashion, has an enviable collection of Chanel and knows. her. stuff.
She's Dressing Up - another fellow Brit with awesome style similar to mine, only BETTER.
Tali - short and sweet name, sweet girl with some great style. Don't know about the short though. She has some amazing shoes that make her tall.

And some well-known bloggers that basically make the internet worth checking...

WhereDidUGetThat - amazing blogger, incredible style, long long legs.
Karla's Closet - a gorgeous girl with a love of vintage and an amazing ability to style it.
Fashion Bananas - another gorgeous girl with amazing make-up skills who I go to for lipstick inspiration!

And two non-fashion blogs/sites, yet still awesome. They were my blogging buddies for the Oscars.
I-Flicks - the first place for film reviews, film news, and all things....film.
Threeasparty - for everything party, from ideas of events to pictures of beautiful cakes. Mmmm, cake.

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  1. Three's a Party would like to reciprocate your awesomeness. Threefold. And also comment on the awesomeness of Marios Schwab's demi-maxi dress, if there is such a thing. I *heart* square necklines.


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