This is a locker. It hurt.

In homage of the Oscars Night's biggest winner, I dedicate my usual colour palette to The Hurt Locker. Works quite well since I live in these colours anyway. I guess I should have won some more sandy colours, but ah well. If Avatar had won I've have been in big trouble.
No, wait, endless possibilities for homage outfits! A Marilyn Monroe wind machine for Up! A giant book for An Education!
A monocle for The Blind Side?
If we're going for visual representation, I should probably have worn some really high lace-up shoes. Geddit?

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  1. Hey other Jo!

    You are more than welcome, I love reading your posts. Every time I see that wall behind you I feel more and more inspired to make my own..maybe one day.

    Love the look and the lippy.

    Love Jojo xx


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