This whole 'no shopping thing' blows.

I made a dumb Lent promise, didn't I? I totally forgotten about the need for a transseasonal wardrobe as all of my winter stuff is too warm and, well, wintry, and my summer stuff is, well, too summery. What's a girl to do?
Well, in my case, a girl is to go in for bling, stupid optimism and wear a stripey t-shirt to work (and it's white with blue stripes, nautical chic, eek) and then regret it and find the fail-safe cranberry man's jumper that someone left months ago and huddle in it.
And, of course, browse the websites for some pretty things to cheer her up.
I can play fashion maths.

Paul by Paul Smith jumpsuit from Asos
Asos Regan Gilly Lace-up Boots
Mulberry Alexa Bag

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