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Another gloriously windy and cold March day, yet brimful of gorgeous sunshine. Perfect for kicking off the trappings of winter. 
Nice American Apparel skirt, nice grey tights, nice grey sleeveless cardigan. Seriously, this was the best thing I ever bought.
Along with the American Apparel skirts, that is. I have five. They are so versatile; can be worn just below the waist for modesty and with a big belt or longer top or just above it with a plain vest in the summer. They can jazzed up with a smart shirt and shoes or even some sequins, or dressed down with a plain t-shirt and some sweet summer sandals. I lived in my yellow one last summer with black t-shirts and vests and some cool sandals.
The only problems? They are thin as anything, so they cling to you, and the paler they are, the more see-through they are. I found this out the hard way wearing the yellow one with black pants. Whoops. Not going to stop me buying a lilac one when Lent ends.
I wore my Wicked Witch of the West (who I apparently look like when I'm cycling) boots for this photo (as you can see) but as I don't work at Vogue/in a brothel I wore my smaller 'Victorian governess' black lace-up boots. They are so old and falling apart, I should have bought two pairs.
I also attempted the 'flatters no-one' frosted pink lip. It works fine if you don't smile because it would make Julia Roberts' smile look yellow. But yes, fine without the toothy smile. It's a Revlon shade called Amethyst Shell, layered with a L'Oreal Glam Shine gloss called Pink Moon. I want to work for a cosmetics company so I can spend the day making up cheesy names for products. 
'We could make up a name for your hair colour! We could call it like, like 'Strawberry Sunset' or 'Ginger Maiden'!'

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