We've been on the run, driving in the sun

Over the weekend when I was clearing my room I reverted to my perfect accompaniment to packing, clearing and cleaning; The OC. Ah fond memories of being 16, thinking that the soundtrack was the coolest music compilation ever made and just wanting to be Marissa Cooper. Though I actually wanted to be Anna. C'mon, she was intelligent, had amazing hair and was far too cool for any of them! Gotta love Samaire Armstrong. Without the vile hair extensions she got in Series 3. What is it about teen shows and ratty hair extensions in Series 3? Two words - Vanessa Abrams. 
Rant over. So, it being a GORGEOUS sunny day and all, I decided to begin the slow transformation into a bright and sunny spring wardrobe. 
Yeah. I do subtle differences real well.

I am subtly going for springtime with some coral lipstick and turquoise jewellery. Grazia did a feature on trends to update your wardrobe and turquoise jewellery is big for S/S. Big surprise. So I was able to wear my Navajo-gorgeous new Thomas Sabo pendant. Wait for it to get a bit warmer for the most amazing piece of turquoise jewellery ever. 

I also had a happy little root around in my lipstick box and found 'Trimming Talk' by MAC; lovely pinky coral and it goes on slick, unlike some of MAC's lipsticks. I bought Ruby Woo (because it looks so good on Delmy from Fashion Bananas) and it's got a 'Retro Matte' texture, so looks flawless but it's pretty dry. But TT doesn't have that problem. And it doesn't look so obvious when it fades, either.

Of course, knowing good ol' British luck it'll be chucking it down by the end of tomorrow. Ah well. It was idyllic while it lasted. Back to purple lipstick and all black everything.

PS Over 3000 hits now; schweet! Thank you to all my readers, and to those who responded to my plee on Facebook to get me over 3000 hits by midnight. Keep spreading the word, commenting, or just stopping by (San Diego).

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