You don't want me, you just like the attention

Today being Mothers' Day, went for a nice family pub lunch down in the countryside, then went to see my brother, who is a choral scholar, sing in Evensong. God those preachers do go on with their prayers!
Slightly sacrilegous that I wore not only small shorts, but also a necklace with an apple and snake on it. But that's how I roll.
In case you were wondering, I am wearing a total of four layers on my top half. Was watching a programme about Eddie Izzard earlier and remembered he makes a joke about Helen of Troy's husband being called Menelaus, or Manylayers, and thus he was obviously a sponge cake. So I am a sponge cake today. 
These shorts are so bloody deceptive. I saw them on a model in Vogue's 'More Dash Than Cash' section (the exact photo is actually on my wardrobe) and LOVED them, but on her they look loose and lean. Whereas on me.....bleugh. I hate life. But I love cake.

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