Mad Max

I love how Tina Turner (singer of the theme for Mad Max: Thunderdome - see, there was a link there!) is suddenly back in the charts. I was worried that some of the Glee cast had murdered one of her songs but no, apparently a bunch of football fans are getting it into the charts in protest of something or other....I don't understand football.
Anyway, I feel a shopping trip coming on and my list is long. At the top of it is a maxi-skirt. Now, as all good pear-shaped girls know, tube-shaped maxi-skirts are no-gos for us in this hyphen-heavy sentence. But if I had the tube-shape-friendly shape, here are a few styles I would consider working. Thanks to Style.com for the montage.
This would be great for a whole Little House on the Prairie vibe, especially with the floaty skirt (reminds me a bit of the Flora by Gucci campaign) and the chunky terracotta cardigan. I do love the whole 'too many layers, so wrong but right' approach, but feel it only works if the girl modelling said approach is skinny as a rake and has artfully messable ponytail-making ability. Whereas I do not.
So maybe this....
Appeals to my inner elf queen with the long, dark green coat-dress and knotted belt, and makes you look a bit like some sort of exotic flower with the yellow skirt. A gorse princess. Very Braveheart.
Aha, the Serena van der Woodsen look, aka wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am look-at-my-curves-bitches way of dressing. Best reserved for those with all the right friends in all the right places. And by friends, I mean curves. I just got stuck on a music loop.
This one's great; very European cheer and colour with a 20s-actress look about it (the scarf on the head) and a Galliano-like nod with the hat. Plus, I already have boots just like that. The skirt would probably be the best for me (aside from the yellow one) as I think I spy an A-line shape.
Finally, had to feature that one because not only is it cute, workable and with a colour palette that no-one need feel threatened by, it's a blogger: Denni of ChicMuse! See the link in my list of favourites.
So, that's hit one on my shopping list. I also have lots of versatile longline tops, anything that will make me look like a Sportmax AW '10 model and something from Erin Wasson's jewellery collection.
Yes, this is my dream list. Dreams are allowed.

The Woman who looks like a Man

Hurrah, I got my hair cut again. It's very satisfying to get rid of so much hair. I didn't have a massive amount to begin with but you could have made quite a sizeable mat from the hair that I had in my lap by the end.
So I decided I was bored of the undercut because while I loved the contrast, the heavy longer side was a tad oppressive. I am now sporting a cut a bit like this....
My mum used to say that I look a lot like Keira. When Keira was in Bend it like Beckham and wore a headband all the time. I used to wear a headband whenever I went running.
So it's not really a compliment. But I've bigged up the eye makeup today and darkened my eyebrows (yes, really) so we will see if I actually do look like Keira later.
It's very weird to have hardly any hair again. I try to shake it out when it gets rained on and the only thing that moves is my fringe, which is above my eyebrows for the first time in months. Weirrrrrrd.
It got me back onto the subject of short hair on girls. How supposedly only the most confident and beautiful women look good with short hair.
See? Wonderful, successful actresses. Cute pixie-crops. Win-win. (I decided just to go in for actresses today. Do you have any short hair idols that I've missed?)
Every time I think of pixie-cuts, I think of Julia Roberts in Hook. Because she's a pixie, and the cut is cute. And she is super-cute in the film. Not just because she's about 4 inches tall.
So, yeah, basically, you need confidence to carry off short hair. Or you need to know you look horrendous with long hair, like I do.
And if you are forced into having a short haircut on, say, ANTM, you need to not be a stupid princess about it and accept that any girl can get away with long, brown hair, but not any girl can looking smokin' with a short blonde crop. Yeah Cassandra, you be STUPID.


Peggy and Cleggy

Only a few days ago I was saying it needed to rain; the ground was dry and it was weird. So today, it did. 

So subsequently I didn't wear my nice new shoes; cutaway heels, canvas and rain do not mix. So instead I got out my DKNY (Activ) black heeled boots. These are heavy duty. They have a metal adjustable clasp and padding around the ankles. Last time I wore them they felt really high, now they feel weirdly natural. Goes to show!

I was going to wear double denim today but my pale blue demin shirt needed a wash, so I'll try that at a later date. 

Instead I stuck with something nice and conventional, that works best when I'm sitting down as you can't see my huge hips. 

Haircut tomorrow, and I think I'll get the 'Domino' - Keira's cut in the afore-named film. It's basically what I have now, but shorter without such a severe undercut. 

Otherwise, relatively quiet day cycling to work in the rain (put my hood up underneath my helmet; if I'd come off my bike and landed on my head my brain probably wouldn't have noticed), reading books and learning more about a washing machine, then came home and watched three grown men acting like children. Ah, politics. Gordon Brown played the same broken record on repeat, David Cameron avoided making eye contact with his competition in case his face melted, and Nick Clegg tried to win us all over with his earnesty and by seeming to put all his cards on the table. 

We need a strong woman in politics. And an attractive one, a young one. 

I am working my way towards the end of Mad Men Season 2, so I can get on to Season 3 and buy the boxset. I continue to fall more in love with Peggy (thanks to a dear reader for pointing out that I keep writing Betty instead of Peggy, I am easily confused), whose ballsiness has led her to snag a new office. She's wonderfully witty and wears fabulous clothes. And left getting screwed over by a man behind in Season 1. 

So, tomorrow is Friday! Hurrah! Parents are away for the night so I plan to eat massive amounts of chocolate in front of New Moon. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of Taylor Lautner. It's so wrong.

Alphabet Fashion Soup - Y is for Yohji Yamamoto

It's been ages since we've had some soup on the blog. Was chatting to one of the school librarians today and she reminded me, with all her talk of Studio Ghibli. I knew, when I got to Y, I couldn't really post about anyone other than Yohji. Because he's a legend. A quick perusing of the internet reveals the company Yohji Yamamoto actually filed for bankruptcy last year, but that's not exactly going to hold back one of the most successful and high-profile exports from the Far East. Yohji has 3 lines to his name (Yohji Yamamoto, Y and Y-3) and has been a name to watch on the fashion scene for over 40 years. His daughter, Limi Feu, is also a critically acclaimed designer; the Yamamoto talents must be strong!
It's logical that I love this designer because his main colour base is monochrome. Well, mainly black. Yes, black. With occasional quirky bursts of colour in the form of accessories, as seen at Y-3.
Despite having strong roots in the immaculate tailoring perfected by Japanese designers, Yamamoto's theatrics are the main point of his collection; the story he can tell with a black dress are inspiring. From spooky peasant girl to conquistador buccaneer, Yamamoto imbues stories, concepts and whole lives into his beautiful simple yet wildly original clothing. He's a true pioneer and rebel; Japan's Galliano.
I love the last one; the slightly older woman, with her wild hair and huge eyes, looks alien, angelic, like something out of Dr Who.


Candid Camera

RedHead has had a busy day, dear readers. 
  • She is thrilled that she appears to be getting a good steady and not meagre number of hits a day from you lovely people (because statistics are what it's all about)
  • She was delighted that The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony came onto the radio as she was getting ready for work
  • She fell about laughing as the radio station voiceover said 'Jack FM introduces...the cat whisperer. Get the fuck out of our fucking garden!'
  • She has filled out her postal vote and sent it off (it's a good job she decided not to vote Green, because there was a lot of non-essential paper there)
  • She has spent a considerable amount of time browsing pet illness forums and crying at the thought that her poor rat has a brain tumour (never self-diagnose, kids, it makes you an alarmist) 
  • She was intensely frustrated that she left The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest at home and had to read a Marian Keyes novel for the millionth time (still good though). 
  • She nearly screamed in fury at reading on Perez that Brad Pitt is in the running to appear in the shiteous American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Why must Hollywood shit all over literature?
  • She cried again with laughter at some kids at work making themselves a Transformer outfit out of two cardboard boxes.
  • And she cringed, a lot, at Gordon Brown. 
 I love the picture very much. It makes such light of the tragically hilarious situation. For those of you who didn't hear it (and I am sorry to those of you who aren't British and/or have no interest in the upcoming election but it's my blog and we're playing what we want) our dearly beloved leader Gordon Brown was caught on camera having a lovely chat with a big fan and then heard off-camera and on record calling her a bigot. Nice one. Foot, mouth. 
Interestingly, tonight's episode (re-run) of ANTM has Tyra telling the girls about the paparazzi and how you must always be a model no matter where you are. All our hopeful future leaders must be diplomatic, sincere (which Gordon is clearly not since he grovellingly apologised afterwards, wimp) and a shining example of all they represent. 
She was also a tad nauseated by how OTT the Gossip Girl plot has become. 
And she did all this, wearing this. 
C'mon boots, start walking.
Oooh, my new TopShop shoes arrived. Will wear them tomorrow. They are crazy. 


I am not a bounty hunter. Nor am I a robot.

Spent a blissful day applying for jobs, reading Grazia and putting on shiny glittery hot pink lip gloss. 
A la Marina in the video for I Am Not A Robot. I love the glitter. I have some bright pink gloss that as good as does this.
I spent my evening watching Heston Blumenthal make some truly disgusting-looking gothic-themed food (blood risotto anyone?) and then watching Keira 'kick arse and secure the bounty', in her own words. I do love Domino, not that I've seen much beyond the first half-hour. Keira really needs to eat but her attitude is awesome, and she has fabulous hair. I think I'll get mine cut like that.
 As for my outfit, I decided to debut my new chinos, as it wasn't my day to cook and I could get away with stupidly pale trousers. They are still clean! Result.

I am sitting sulkily on one of the counters at work in the manner of John Bender from The Breakfast Club, as it was past closing and I was listening to a bit of Simple Minds. Good times. I look as surly as a VAV (volcano ash victim). Except I am not wearing ill-advised 'summery clothes' and down to my last dollar/euro, and intending to blame anything on Ryanair. Well, apart from pollution.

Call me Mr Photoshop, I can make you look hot

Now, normally I wouldn't allow anything as vile as R-Patz on this sacred space (I don't really hate him, he just really isn't all that, and he's just scary in Twilight) I had to put this up. Thankyou Perez Hilton for gifting me with this little ray of Photoshopped sunshine....
Lolz! Even HE looks totally incredulous about his newfound hotness!
And they've even done a Cameron job (I would like to copyright that term in reference to his 'I'll cut deficit' plastic face) on Kristen Stewart, who was hot enough before the Photoshoppers turned her into Huge Forehead Barbie.
WTF is that? It certainly ain't Kristen. Maybe she's going for a role in Toy Story 4.
I also like the ever-so-unsubtle product placement on her left jeans pocket. Twi-hard girls, run screaming to Hollister! If, y'know, you don't already.
(PS Yes there is a photo of  Taylor Lautner but he's so super-hot anyway he doesn't need any Photoshop or mocking.)

Well played, Asos

Once again, everyone's favourite fashion website (oh, sorry, fashion website favoured by those who aren't LOADED) has come up trumps with a designer knock-off to be proud of.
Ta-da! You can barely tell the difference. And besides, if you took away the clutch, the belt and the men man from the Burberry campaign, you'd practically have the Asos photo.
So if you fancy a tasteful piece of lookalike Burberry, hot-foot it to Asos. That coat won't wait around...

I wish I was a little bit taller...and blue

Just seen Avatar again as it came out on DVD again here and I obviously went straight out to buy it. I am so in love with the scenery it's unreal. They have it right; save the trees, man. They were here first, they evolved far longer than we did, what right do we have to tear them down?
Ah, all the colours and bioluminescence and tall thin people. 
Well, I can make myself tall.....
I'm working on making myself thin; have foolishly decided I'm going to train for next year's London Marathon. There. Now I can't wimp out. 
I decided it was time to break this one out. This is possibly my favourite piece of jewelry; saved for it and everything! TS obviously, and even though I was sick of turquoise in my youth (it's apparently my birth stone, I was kind of over it) I love it again. So organic and pure, yet not often imitated. And it's blue. We like blue. *sniff*. Right, I'm off to sleep. I hope I dream of Pandora.


Colour me weekend

Oh it's been a riot of colour here at RedHead Towers. Yesterday it was all about the little hints of pastel....
(MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town, Illamasqua Nail Polish in Wink, Thomas Sabo turquoise cross and totem pole charms)
Whereas today is all about the bold colours and patterns.
(Asos top - should be called 'floral Rorschach')
Just looked outside and it's raining, so my afternoon of archery might be off (yes, everyone needs a hobby. Mine is a neat fusion of my inner Lord of the Ring geek and a desire for a defined upper body) so I may have to spend the afternoon tidying and making more photo collages to decorate my wardrobe. 
Such as my photoboard. I posted these before; I have two, either side of my window. They're just cork noticeboards that I cover with random magazine cuttings. I got bored with one so I re-did it. 
Featuring Freja, Kaya Scoledario (Effy from Skins, really hot) a Narnia Queen-esque shoot that I pinched from Vogue a while ago, part of a prints shoot from last month's Company, Clemence Poesy, Camille Belle, Isabel Blow, and some random text. Yeah, makes me look, like, all fashiony and cool.


I have no self-control

I really don't.
But aren't they yummy? (Sister Wolf would come sweeping in and shout NO.)