Alphabet Fashion Soup - W is for...William Rast

I'd been so busy drooling over beaches, and new purchases (seriously, wait til you see my new hot shoes), I'd forgotten all about my soup! I love soup, even in the warm weather we've been having. It's been a beautiful day here, quite sad as all the kids have come back to the school I work at a week early to attend the funeral of one of the pupils. Sad times. And I had to take my poor little sick rat to the vet for injections. She is easily the best behaved rat in the world; huge needle going into her back and she didn't even struggle.
Anywayyyyyy, on to cheerier matters. I'd found a lovely portion of soup for you today, and a range that I'd unconsciously loved for a long time. You'll see why.
Yeah, not hard to work out why is it? This is the work of the label William Rast. That's right. Justin Timberlake's label. It's actually JT's label with Trace Ayala, and the name comes from the combination of JT's granddad's first name and Trace's granddad's last name.
How cool is that? If I had a label I would name it something like. I'd have to find a friend with a cool surname first off.
Anyhoo, back to the goods. William Rast is best known for its jeans, but has been a fully fledged collections producer since 2006. I've got some of the photos of the last two AW collections for you, because they are so on the pulse for right now it's unreal. The Navajo Combat Sportsman Cowgirl in Full-On Denim has landed. Plus, it's all totally wearable.
It's basically everything I love in clothes, or every style of clothing I myself would wear; the army girl colours, the tight fit (admittedly I shouldn't, but who the hell cares, I'm 22 and I'll wear what I like), the hardcore boots and lacing, and the abundance of leather. Wait, that sounds wrong.
He sings, he dances, he pulls hot women, and he designs hot clothes. Is there anything JT can't do?
(As usual, all photos are courtesy of style.com; thank you for being so awesome.)

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