Alphabet Fashion Soup - Y is for Yohji Yamamoto

It's been ages since we've had some soup on the blog. Was chatting to one of the school librarians today and she reminded me, with all her talk of Studio Ghibli. I knew, when I got to Y, I couldn't really post about anyone other than Yohji. Because he's a legend. A quick perusing of the internet reveals the company Yohji Yamamoto actually filed for bankruptcy last year, but that's not exactly going to hold back one of the most successful and high-profile exports from the Far East. Yohji has 3 lines to his name (Yohji Yamamoto, Y and Y-3) and has been a name to watch on the fashion scene for over 40 years. His daughter, Limi Feu, is also a critically acclaimed designer; the Yamamoto talents must be strong!
It's logical that I love this designer because his main colour base is monochrome. Well, mainly black. Yes, black. With occasional quirky bursts of colour in the form of accessories, as seen at Y-3.
Despite having strong roots in the immaculate tailoring perfected by Japanese designers, Yamamoto's theatrics are the main point of his collection; the story he can tell with a black dress are inspiring. From spooky peasant girl to conquistador buccaneer, Yamamoto imbues stories, concepts and whole lives into his beautiful simple yet wildly original clothing. He's a true pioneer and rebel; Japan's Galliano.
I love the last one; the slightly older woman, with her wild hair and huge eyes, looks alien, angelic, like something out of Dr Who.

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